Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Cool Season

It began as many changes do: Gradual and nearly imperceptible. As November arrived, there was a slight change in the humidity, accompanied by breezes that moved in during the night. Daylight comes a few minutes later each morning, and nighttime creeps in a bit earlier each evening, throwing off routines by the slightest measure. It then is apparent that rain has not fallen for a few days, then a week, then two. Nasal passages are suddenly dry, and the air conditioning gives way to fans, then to fans shut off in the middle of the night while half asleep we reach to throw covers over us. I notice that the shower heating knob has slowly been turned from the blue cool range of August to the red warm indicator as December approaches. I now must water the outdoor plants, and I take fewer showers, as there is not a constant sticky film of perspiration on my skin. More students come to school wearing sweaters or jackets, and Thai workers wear knit caps and down vests. Thankfully, the cool season has arrived--This morning is was 19 C (66 F), unusual, but welcome.


jillrae said...

Hi John,
I'm not sure if you'll remember me, (Jill Montgomery), but I was a student of yours at COA. I was just looking up some information on the Zero to Three website, and thought of you and the child development course you taught.

I feel so lucky to have studied teacher education at COA, and always really appreciated your teaching style. I learned a lot from you, and am glad to hear that you are still teaching. Thailand sounds amazing.

I am now married and live in New York State. I work for early intervention. We have an eight year old son and a five year old daughter. My son has sensory processing disorder and my daughter has a partially diagnosed developmental disability (PDD and 4 or 5 other differing diagnoses depending on which Dr you listen to). So, needless to say, I have put my education to good use both personally and professionally.

I remember going to a potluck at your house and meeting Kat. She seemed like such a nice person. I hope you are both doing well. Enjoy Thailand, and thanks for everything.


John Stiles said...

Thanks so much for your message! yes, I do remember you. I will send an email, too. How wonderful to hear from you!