Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Pet

A new member of the family was added today. Our Thai Bangkaew dog, Chekov, is fifteen, and back in his home country after traveling around the world, returning twice since his birth. Despite his relative good health, we wanted to get him a companion, and also a transition dog for us. A pet rescue organization in Bangkok, Soi Cats and Dogs ("Soi" means "street" in Thai), or SCAD was the place we turned to ( This organization, started and still run by an expat, places rescued animals in homes around the world. Our choice was a female pup of questionable pedigree (apparently a good dose of Thai Ridgeback) who immediately made herself at home, much to the chagrin of Chekov, and the outright disgust of our Maine-born cat Guido, who immediately disappeared over the wall and stayed away most of the day. Our new pup's name--for the moment--is Santipop, or "Santi" which means "peace." Ironically, we have not had a moment of it since her arrival.

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Denise Krefting said...

John- I LOL when I read this. I didn't realize that Chekov was 15. Wow