Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Confusing English

If one is not convinced that English is a bewildering language, try explaining to a non-English speaker the terms used for the front and rear compartments in a car. This morning, I wanted to learn the Thai terms for a car's "trunk" and "hood." When the driver asked what they were called in English, we amused him by attempting to sort through the differences between British and American terms for the same item: "Trunk" in American English (I guess originating from the trunks affixed to early cars) is called a "boot" in England (and Australia), while "hood" is the "bonnet" in England. To complicate matters, my friend Tracey from Newfoundland, noted that in Canada "boot" and "hood" are used. The driver just chuckled.


kris said...

John, Just wondering that you two are ok after that flooding...sorry about your pet.

Mark Pennington said...

Yes, I use that one... English can be so confusing. No wonder it's so tough for English language learners. Laugh a bit and sigh a bit as you check out English Can Be So Confusing.