Friday, June 4, 2010

The Banana Man

Every day the banana man's smile greets us as we pass by. All day he sits by his stand, listening to the radio and greeting customers with a wave. Once a week we stop to buy a bunch for 20 baht (60 cents). Saphan Sung, Bangkok.


Awakr said...

Well sketched. Reminds me of the lady by the red bridge on the fishy canal we would meet each evening during my stay in Bangkok last year. Behind her stand she would greet us with a wide smile and wai, exchanging flutelike niceties with my wife, then expertly make us two spicy hot ginger-milk drinks in a bag that we took home to sip after dinner, or early morning with freshly cut papaya.

John Stiles said...

I can picture it so well! Thanks for sharing!