Thursday, September 19, 2013

Portraits at a Thai market

One of the many things I enjoy about living in Thailand is its profusion of open air markets. One can hardly travel more than half a kilometer without seeing at least one local market (often several), with customers swarming about buying clothes, hardware, fresh fish, coffee, hot and spicy Thai dishes, sweets, or fruits and vegetables. No two are the same. They reflect local resources and culture, sometimes a merging of several, especially in the melting pot that is Bangkok.

For this essay, I concentrated on the faces of people I met in a single day at one of Bangkok's largest local markets located in the easternmost district of Bangkok province. My intent is to have these portraits speak for themselves, to show the personalities of the hard working vendors, who put in very long hours but remain positive and fun-loving, or "sanuk" as the Thais call it.

Notes about the cameras used are at the end. All photos by the author, all rights reserved. Do not use without permission.




For this photo essay, I used two Canon digital cameras, an EOS 350D SLR and an Ixus 115 HS pocket camera. No telephotos were used, but I did crop a few to make the images bigger in the frame.

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