Friday, December 6, 2013

Moments in time 2

The second of my posts of random scenes taken as I move through daily life in Thailand (See my first post "Moments in time" from August 6, 2013). Most of these are quick glimpses as I passed by (or as they passed by me). Taken together, they weave an image of the lives of ordinary Thais in what is becoming a more complex society.

Ukelele player in an art studio, Ramkhamhaeng Road

Sometimes trying to solve a problem creates a bigger one.
Near Jatujak 2 market, Minburi.

Monsoon rains come almost daily from May through October. They are warm and heavy, lasting usually only an hour or two, but often bringing flooded roadways. Ramkhamhaeng Road, Saphansung.

Classic Thai sculpture of legendary characters in Thai mythology. Found on the wall in an unused parking lot near a restaurant on Ekamai Road, Wattana.

A woman moves her charcoal grill past street food stalls.
Summakon Village, Saphansung.

Taking a break from selling lottery tickets. Sihaburaniket Road, Minburi.

A lone fishing boat under gathering storm clouds.
Koh Chang (Elephant Island), eastern Thailand.

A knife sharpener carries his whetstone throughout the neighborhood,
seeking customers. Eastern Bangkok.

Clearing storm over Koh Larn (Coral Island) near Pattaya.

Every day, same spot. This woman sells cool drinks on Sukhumvit Road
near the Ekamai bus station.

Gorgeous sunset colors in Summakon Village, Saphansung, eastern Bangkok.
The colors lasted no more than five minutes. iPhone photo.

Traditional wooden shutters, Minburi.

A young girl's special find on the beach. Pu Noi Beach, Dolphin Bay, Pranburi.

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Fantastic images John!