Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Urban graffiti art

All over the world, urban artists have transformed abandoned and neglected spaces in cities. What once may have been a decaying concrete wall along an empty weed-choked lot is now a modern-day canvas that reflects life in the city as seen by creative, often counter-culture Picassos.

This photo journey is through some of Bangkok's main streets as well as vacant lots. In one instance, I happened to peek over a tin sheet fence into a vacant field whose concrete wall had been brightly painted by the unseen artists, but which very few people have seen. I had to squeeze through a small opening in the fence to access the art.

Following the Bangkok art are photos of similar art in Chicago.

All photos © 2014 by John R Stiles



Divine Miss E said...

Hey John!! Great photographs! Been awhile, eh! Hope things are great for you, I have moved on from my old blog and Iowa too (in San Diego now). Started a new blog about my next adventure. Check it out when you can, should be quite the journey!

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