Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thai Conservation Incentives

We got our water bill today, and as it has been since my arrival in Thailand, we owe nothing. In order to encourage conservation, the Thai government waives any monthly fee for use that is under a certain amount. Other government incentives include the recent implementation of a policy under which all Thai citizens may ride any train throughout the country free for a year. Unfortunately, that is not extended to foreigners, even tax-paying residents. Occasionally, subway or skytrain routes are operated free to encourage more eventual customers, and last fall, the standard non-air conditioned buses were free for several weeks. This is the upside of government-run utilities, the opposite of what one might expect a monopoly to do.


Ms. Tanea said...

Hi. It's nice to meet a fellow educator in Thailand. I will be moving there as soon as I finish this program in Ames, Iowa. I heard I may have the opportunity to meet you. So far I'm enjoying your blog, and I will try to visit it often.

John Stiles said...

Hi again, Tanea. Nice to meet you this summer in Iowa. Give me a call or email me, and we can get together. We have TGIF celebrations--lots of teachers from various international schools get together somewhere in Bangkok.