Sunday, July 25, 2010

Images of America #7: Upstate NY & Western Mass

A leisurely drive through northern New York and Massachusetts turned up these scenes. The fourth one was a surprise and hopefully a once in a lifetime occurrence!

Classic movie theater in Brockport, NY.

Early cemetery, Clarendon, NY

Erie Canal bridges, Brockport NY

A surprise thrown our way from a not-so-well-covered trailer on I-90 at the NY-Mass state line at 
65 mph! I had to bury my underwear.

Amherst, Massachusetts Art Fair


Unknown said...

More wonderful photos. We also collected a stone from a passing truck in New Zealand this summer (winter there) . . . . cracked the windshield all the way across the bottom . . . . . the rental company paid . . . sure am glad I checked the full coverage option!

John Stiles said...

Lucky you! Our deductible was too high to cover replacement, but we got it done in a day and at a relatively low price ($170). You never know!

Awakr said...

Hi John, always great photos. I didn't quite catch the underwear burial thing...

John Stiles said...

In English, it refers to "having the shit scared out of me!"